Branded Residence A Luxury Illusion or Real Value. TSHS-0065

The episode titled “Branded Residences A Luxury Illusion or Real Value” discusses the concept of branded residences in the hospitality market.

I am joined by my guest Mark Dardenne, an expert in the development of branded residences in the Gulf area. Branded residences have gained popularity in the past few years, especially in Dubai.

Mark explains that branded residences are properties that are associated with a specific brand or hotel operator. These residences offer a luxury lifestyle with various levels of amenities. During the discussion,

Mark emphasized the importance of doing thorough due diligence when considering buying into a branded residence. He emphasizes the need for partnerships with the right developers who share the same vision and respect the brand’s positioning. The conversation also touches upon the potential challenges and risks associated with branded residences.

Sam-Erik mentions a case where a developer in Dubai used a luxury brand’s logo without fully understanding the rights and intentions of the brand, leading to a mismatch and uncomfortable situation for both parties. Overall, the episode emphasizes the growth and sustainability of the branded residence concept in the hospitality market, while emphasizing the need for careful consideration and partnerships when venturing into this segment.