How to inspire travel confidence to the Mediterranean basin. TSHS-0026

I am absolutely thrilled to bring the following industry leaders, Dr, Hisham Zaazou, Former Minister of Tourism Egypt, Serkan Ceylan, Bodrum Promotion Foundation, Turkey, and Nikos Hadjos, Strategic Advisor, Hotel Investments , to discuss industry challenges and opportunities in the Mediterranean Region.
Serkan Ceylan:
• Share with us what is the attraction of Bodrum, who are attracted to stay there.
• Recap of 2019.
• What was on your to-do list for 2020 and what has survived in light of COVID.
• What has changed in Bodrum light of COVID.
• What are the key economic drivers. Capital markets, availability of debt – Investment appetite
• What are the changes in business models.
• What is next for Bodrum
Nikos Hadjos:
• Recap of 2019.
• Type of hotels that will perform better; immediate and midterm
• Business segment recovery; Leisure, Business, Group
• Markets showing recovery promise
• What will not change in our industry; consumer behavior, services, guest experience, valuations etc
• What is the industry sentiment in general?

Dr. Hisham Zaazou
Former Minister of Tourism Egypt

• Egypt has experienced peaks and valleys in tourism arrivals since 2010. Could you share with us the current situation in Egypt as an effect of the global pandemic?
• What is the industry sentiment in general?
• During the challenging times of Egypt when you served as Minister of Tourism there were travel warning to visit Egypt. You were known to develop public relation campaigns to entice people to come back to visit Egypt. What lessons from the past can guide us to inspire travel confidence?
• How do you see the cooperation between the Government and Private sector working together to stimulate the travel business not only for Egypt but also for the Mediterranean basin?

Wrap Up
• Q&A
• Future of travel
• Who do you look up to for inspiration?
• What have you learnt about yourself during this period?
• What generous acts have you seen during the COVID lock down?