How can mental health issues affect an individual during pandemic. TSHS -0031

The hospitality industry faces overwhelming uncertainty and risks right now. The loss of a job and loss of stability increases a person’s risk to experience mental health issues… and they are at a much higher risk to attempt drastic actions”

Maintaining mental health is both more challenging and more important in these unprecedented times. Sam-Erik Ruttmann is speaking with Dragan Donkov
Manager Learning & Development, EMCC Accredited Coach, MHFA Instructor
How this effects leadership, how to recognise the signs of mental health issues, and how to provide help for those affected.
How to seek help? How to help each other and provide ¨mental health first aid¨.

The future of hospitality – What you need to know for 2021. TSHS-0030

Thrilled to speak with Willem van Bolderen, Architect and on of the founders of Studio Puisto Architects, about their the latest developments in hospitality architecture, called Space of Mind. We also discuss the benefit of wood as a building material to create sustainability sound buildings.
He also described the modern approach in using technology new way of standardising, to standardise to customise with the aid of computer aided technology.
Blend of unique architecture with the aid of artificial intelligence.