2020 Predictions with Tech Trend Watcher Jayanth Kolla! TSHS-013

Happy New Year 2020. May this year be full of happiness, less stressful, more truthful with less false news. Jayanth Kolla Technology Trend Watcher joins me for a conversation about Technology evolution and predictions for 2020 and onwards. Jayanth is an oft-quoted industry leader whose viewpoints and analyst notes are regularly published in leading business publications including Mint, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Financial Times. He is my go-to expert on everything dealing with tech.

Our discussion is on the ground level talking about understanding what is happening and how it will affect you our daily lives
We touching what are the latest news from Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. How will the devices and voice activation improve our lives and for our customers.

False news aka fake news is a serious threat, as it is not any longer produced in many cases by humans, but through the rise of synthetic media. Jaynath explains the GAN, and how it works to produce videos and audios that are very convincing.

Discussion with Online Entrepreneur Greger Hillman! TSHS – 012

Greger and I are both live stream enthusiasts. We met couple of years in an online community to learn how to create live videos.
We sharing some anecdotes how it was to first go live. Greger being a teacher and musician told me had a lot fun doing his first live streams. I on the other got hit with the ¨live video adrenaline monster¨. We are sharing tips and tricks how to create your own show, while having some fun.