Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne. TSHS-056

Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne

We are reflecting with my guest Marc Dardenne on our decades-long careers and sharing insights learned along the way. Starting as management trainees Marc with Hilton and me with Hyatt, we gained experience across multiple countries and cultures. Early challenges included adapting to new places, understanding cultural norms, and taking the initiative to learn. 


Key lessons covered are being curious and proactive, embracing humility, respecting local cultures, and cultivating a passion for hospitality. We emphasize the need for self-learning, adjustment, and developing skills over time.


Discussion topics also include changes in the industry, attracting young talent, and offering better career paths. Flexibility, work-life balance, training, and shaping hotel culture are noted as ways to engage the new generation. 


Overall, this candid discussion between seasoned hotel professionals provides an intriguing look at their global journeys and the evolution of the hospitality business. The humor and stories offer both wisdom and entertainment.


Stand Out in a Crowded Market – Hotel Branding Strategies. TSHS-055

Stand Out in a Crowded Market – Hotel Branding Strategies

Join me with my guest hospitality expert Marc Dardenne as he shares insider tips and anecdotes from career-launching iconic hotel brands, like Armani Hotels, The Address, and Patina Hotels. – Learn Marc’s perspective on what makes a successful brand, from identifying your market niche to crafting memorable experiences.

– Discover the intricacies of brand creation – from selecting the perfect name to instilling a vibrant culture that brings your brand identity to life.

– Gain invaluable insights on brand storytelling, designing for your target demographic, flagship properties, maintaining integrity as you expand, and avoiding common pitfalls. – Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand or strengthen an existing one, Marc imparts his wisdom on standing out in a crowded hospitality marketplace and connecting with guests through authenticity.