Building Tourism From Zero With Ideas From Zero. EP. 2. TSHS – 0037

Almost overnight all over the world tourism came to point zero. It is a unique, even scary moment. Catastrophe or a chance to reset and build something new?
Discussion with Jaka Godejša, Coordinator, about his journey in hospitality, and his passion To Build Tourism From Zero.
He has seen the negative impact mass tourism can have, but also the alternative of creating sustainable hospitality solutions.
We will discuss what it means to be a Scout at Locals From Zero and about building a community platform with ¨ Ideas From Zero ¨.

How to Build Tourism from Zero_ Ep.01. TSHS-0036

Discussion with Rudi Medved Team Leader of a startup ”LocalsFromZero”, which is an online marketplace for hidden, unshaped tourism experiences. They are helping local providers in Slovenia to become visible and at the same time building more responsible tourism.

 #LocalsFromZero mission is to connect people with unique local artisans, experts, associations, clubs, charities, and more. All these are often invisible or somehow overlooked local actors that contribute greatly to the preservation of their traditions, culture, and environment. #LocalsFromZero takes care of their prudent involvement in the global tourism market.
The frequent reasons for the invisibility of such stakeholders are lack of resources in advertising, digitization, bureaucracy, etc. That is why #LFZ Scouts exist in their host country to find them and help them show their inspiring skills and experiences to the world.
Be curious and prudent yourself – and visit them for additional authentic and memorable experiences of the regions you travel through!