The Good, Bad and Ugly Hospitality Aggregators, now what?TSHS – 010

We talked about the evolution of the travel aggregators aka. OTA that is a way of hotels t become ever so more visible online.

Travellers find the websites useful as they can compare rates, reviews and availability of many different accommodation options at one glance, and book them quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

The hotel can be usually listed free of charge, and add nice pictures, description, room rates etc. You can choose how many rooms you want to sell online.

Many newly opened hotels like to use this as a way to kick start the business. It is not uncommon that OTA represent 60-80 % of the bookings.

The down side are the commissions which are becoming a major expense for the hotel, restaurant.

Sam-Erik is sharing some practical tips on how to be more creative and entrepreneurial minded.

Jayanth Kolla is sharing some data from India about Oyo Rooms and other restaurant and buss ticket aggregators.

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What should tourism business do to better to react to changes in travellers habits! TSHS_009

What happens to tourism businesses that do not listen to changes in travellers habits? Sadly we know the answer to that question, they collapse. The leading hotelier association in Spain are crying foul. Also there is a claim that Thomas Cook in this case ruined the booked trips when the news was announced. In this episode we talk about what believe is the probable reason. More importantly what tourism business can learn from this so they do not suffer the same destiny. We share some tips and tricks especially for hotels on lessons learned.