Discussing with John Podaras – The Gulf Hospitality Scene! TSHS-0020

John Podaras is a long term resident and hospitality expert based in Dubai. He is sharing his experiences and observations of the interesting changes in Saudi Arabia with the launch of Hospitality Giga projects supporting the Saudi Arabia 2030 vision. John also shares the attitude of Dubai and Saudi Arabia dealing with the corona virus, and how the pandemic has been effecting daily life.

How is Indonesian Tourism coping with the Corona Virus outbreak! TSHS-0019

I am discussing with Yasha Chatab, based in Jakarta, about everyday life in Jakarta.
We also talk about government encouragements for people to travel more.
Bali announced ¨Love Bali ¨campaign to entice travellers to visit The island of Gods. Does this approach work?

Global luxury travel trends – interview with Filip Boyen, CEO, Forbes Travel Guide! TSHS-018

Interview with Filip Boyen, CEO, Forbes Travel Guide.

– Breaking down what Forbes Travel Guide do. ( Inspections, Classifications and Service standards)
– What are the needs of high end travellers ( Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z are they really that different?
– Challenges in the industry with hotel school graduates. How to attract, inspire and motivate the new generation talent.
– Challenges with Concierge, out source or retain in-house. Pro active vs. Re-active. Concierge service at its best!
– Service style staff unscripted vs scripted.
– What does luxury service mean to Filip Boyen himself.