What are the needs of the new generation travellers – The affluent backpackers? TSHS-017

We discuss with my guest Sehnaz Cehreli, authority and expert on the needs of the new generation travellers. They are socially responsible, believe in sustainability and living to experience the unique moment. What should the travel destinations and hotels do successfully market and serve the needs of the travellers.

How to recruit, inspire and retain new leadership talent for your hotel! TSHS – 016

Discussion with a recent hotel school graduates, how some interns perceive their time as trainees. Why is there some reluctancy and loss of passion to stay in the industry? How should we tackle this dilemma about the so called talent drain.
Here is the link to the report mentioned, about the expectations and gaps between the employers and talent.

The changing landscape of the hotel industry!! TSHS-015

Hotel Talks is a monthly show co hosted with Abid Butt, a global leader in the hospitality industry. We discuss the burning topics that effect the global hospitality industry.
In this segment our topics are on the Macro level; Geopolitical Elements, Demographics, Safety Security.
We dig deep into Exponential Technology; Hyper Technology, Customer Journey and Service Delivery.

We touch on topics such as;

Virtual Communities

Sharing Economy

Online Travel Agencies

Digitised Guest Experiences

Booming Global Tourism

Demographics Gen Y & Z

Experience Economy


Impact of Corona Virus on European tourism industry! TSHS – 014

PHUKET: The narrow laneways and pastel-coloured shophouses of Phuket Old Town are usually bustling with Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday, but travel bans and local fears about coronavirus have largely emptied the streets this year.

Just a handful of tourists, many wearing face masks, strolled through the area during daylight hours this week. In the evening, foot traffic increased a little under the glow of the red lanterns strung across the thoroughfare, but remained far below normal levels. Tour bus operators say 300 of their coaches have been idled because there are no passengers.

“The impact is tremendous,” 45-year old Ausana Akaradachakul told Reuters as she waited behind the counter for shoppers in her store selling postcards, straw bags, clothing and jewellery.

“Only a few days after the news broke about the virus, the Chinese tourists were visibly few,” Akaradachakul said. “I think about 70% of them are gone.”

The beach resort of Phuket is Thailand’s second most visited destination after Bangkok and is usually a big draw for visitors from China, who accounted for 11 million visitors last year, particularly around the Lunar New Year holiday. This is familiar event bringing back memories when I was managing a resort in Phuket, Thailand in 2003.
While reading the news Jayanth Kolla, sent me a message, on Thursday January 30 that he was looking into some analysis of adverse impact of Corona Virus and China inbound travel shutdown on tourism in Europe for this year. The news update from world media has been reporting minute by minute on the spread of Corona Virus.
In this episode we are;
– We are reviewing the impact on business and more importantly on the general sentiment of the public in Europe.
– We reflect on the lessons learned from SARS epidemic how the hotel industry dealt with situation in 2003.

More importantly also providing some suggestions on the next steps to recover some of the lost business in 2020.