Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne. TSHS-056

Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne

We are reflecting with my guest Marc Dardenne on our decades-long careers and sharing insights learned along the way. Starting as management trainees Marc with Hilton and me with Hyatt, we gained experience across multiple countries and cultures. Early challenges included adapting to new places, understanding cultural norms, and taking the initiative to learn. 


Key lessons covered are being curious and proactive, embracing humility, respecting local cultures, and cultivating a passion for hospitality. We emphasize the need for self-learning, adjustment, and developing skills over time.


Discussion topics also include changes in the industry, attracting young talent, and offering better career paths. Flexibility, work-life balance, training, and shaping hotel culture are noted as ways to engage the new generation. 


Overall, this candid discussion between seasoned hotel professionals provides an intriguing look at their global journeys and the evolution of the hospitality business. The humor and stories offer both wisdom and entertainment.


The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo. TSHS-049

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo, Hotel General Manager, Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Helsinki
Interesting discussion with Aki Keskitalo, besides his passion for hospitality, and empowering his colleagues, he is known to get out of his comfort zone.
He is the contestant in the Finnish version of The Apprentice aka DIILI 2023.

Learn more what drives him to excel in Life and his views on the future of hotel leadership.

How can mental health issues affect an individual during pandemic. TSHS -0031

The hospitality industry faces overwhelming uncertainty and risks right now. The loss of a job and loss of stability increases a person’s risk to experience mental health issues… and they are at a much higher risk to attempt drastic actions”

Maintaining mental health is both more challenging and more important in these unprecedented times. Sam-Erik Ruttmann is speaking with Dragan Donkov
Manager Learning & Development, EMCC Accredited Coach, MHFA Instructor
How this effects leadership, how to recognise the signs of mental health issues, and how to provide help for those affected.
How to seek help? How to help each other and provide ¨mental health first aid¨.

The future of hospitality – What you need to know for 2021. TSHS-0030

Thrilled to speak with Willem van Bolderen, Architect and on of the founders of Studio Puisto Architects, about their the latest developments in hospitality architecture, called Space of Mind. We also discuss the benefit of wood as a building material to create sustainability sound buildings.
He also described the modern approach in using technology new way of standardising, to standardise to customise with the aid of computer aided technology.
Blend of unique architecture with the aid of artificial intelligence.

What are the most important deep tech solutions for travel and tourism, and why they matter! TSHS-0023

What are the most important deep tech solutions for travel and tourism, and why they matter for hotels current and post covid era!

1) Latest travel & tourism industry news, as the first set of lockdowns are lifting

2) Deep Technologies based solutions for Travel & Tourism industry for the current and post-Covid era.

Links to the topics we discussed:

– China’s Smart Hotels Article –
– Computer Vision AI-based Safety and Security Solutions –…
– Personal Concierge Solutions – Revo-Ex –

3) Deep dive analysis key learning s from AirBnB… as a technology company and a brand in the Hospitality industry

Hotel Industry challenges during a pandemic! TSHS-0021

In this segment of Hospitality Talks, Sam-Erik Ruttmann and Abid Butt invited.industry professionals to discuss industry challenges in the current environment. Guests include Alex Cabanas – CEO Benchmark Global Hospitality, Dr. Erinn Tucker, PhD, MBA, MS, CDMP. – Faculty Director & Associate Professor Georgetown University and Michael Frenkel – President MFC Public Relations.

Here are the talking points of the episode, called, ¨ Industry challenges during a pandemic ¨

Dr. Erinn Tucker
Faculty Director & Associate Professor
Global Hospitality Leadership
Georgetown University

* • What can the students learn from this chapter?
* • How will the education evolve?
* • What questions have the students brought-up during this time?
* • How will the industry change with this pandemic?

Alex Cabanas
Chief Executive Officer
Benchmark Hospitality

* • What have Benchmark done to address the various stake holders, associates, guests & owners?
* • What can the industry learn from this episode in preparing the associates?
* • How do we balance the safety and the fiscal responsibility?
* • What can be done to prepare for the restart?
* • How will the industry change with this pandemic?

Michael Frenkel
President – MFC Public Relations

* • Communication is pivotal in emergency situations? What can the industry do to stay connected with all stake holders, associates, guests and owners?
* • What are the lessons learnt from communication perspective?
* • How can the industry gain consumer confidence moving forward?
* • How will the industry change with this pandemic?.

2020 Predictions with Tech Trend Watcher Jayanth Kolla! TSHS-013

Happy New Year 2020. May this year be full of happiness, less stressful, more truthful with less false news. Jayanth Kolla Technology Trend Watcher joins me for a conversation about Technology evolution and predictions for 2020 and onwards. Jayanth is an oft-quoted industry leader whose viewpoints and analyst notes are regularly published in leading business publications including Mint, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Financial Times. He is my go-to expert on everything dealing with tech.

Our discussion is on the ground level talking about understanding what is happening and how it will affect you our daily lives
We touching what are the latest news from Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. How will the devices and voice activation improve our lives and for our customers.

False news aka fake news is a serious threat, as it is not any longer produced in many cases by humans, but through the rise of synthetic media. Jaynath explains the GAN, and how it works to produce videos and audios that are very convincing.