2 Hospitality Events, 3 Takeaways with 5 Guests. TSHS -053

2 Hospitality Events, 3 Takeaways with 5 Guests

I attended IHIF ( International Hotel Investment Forum, Berlin and Eco Resort Network Event, in Montenegro. I thought it would be great to get some people who joined either or both events to share their views, in this way to give a balanced takeaway for you the listeners.

Let me introduce my guests who made this episode possible.

Dr.Willy Legrand is, Professor at the IU University of Applied Sciences in Germany, with specialization in sustainable hospitality development and management. His recent publication co-edited with Henri Kuokkanen and Jonathan Day, Critical Questions in Sustainability and Hospitality is a must-read. Contact: linkedin.com/in/prof-willy-legrand. Website. www.willylegrand.com

Robyn Woodhead, is a polar explorer who co-founded with her husband White Desert Antarctica, operating three separate luxury camps in Antarctica, and aiming to be a positive influence on the entire continent’s Climate Change legacy.  website: www.white-desert.com. Email: robyn@white-desert.com

Maribel Esparcia Perez, is an Independent Advisor, Professor and Managing Partner of the European Sustainable Hospitality Club, Certified Change Agent by ISSP, part of the CSW63 SDG’s at UN. Contact: linkedin.com/in/maribelesparcia , website: www.eshclub.com

Tariro Madzingira is a banking professional and community builder, interested in getting underrepresented groups into nature for mental health benefits. She is building a diverse online community encouraging high-potential professionals and students to intentional breaks in the outdoors. Contact: linkedin.com/in/madzingira

Chris Nader is the Co-Founder and CEO of ENVI Lodges, the first luxury ecolodge brand and management company to launch from the Middle East, with a presence in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Contact: linkedin.com/in/christiannader

Critical Questions in Hospitality explored with Celine Vadam. TSHS – 050

Critical Questions in Hospitality.
My guest in this episode is Celine Vadam, Co-founder of Hospitality of the Future Think Tank contributed with the team from the Hospitality of the Future Think Tank to Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand’s book¨Critical Questions in Sustainability and Hospitality.¨

We will discuss with Celine Vadam how to make better choices and prioritize a more holistic commitment to protecting the planet.

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo. TSHS-049

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo, Hotel General Manager, Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Helsinki
Interesting discussion with Aki Keskitalo, besides his passion for hospitality, and empowering his colleagues, he is known to get out of his comfort zone.
He is the contestant in the Finnish version of The Apprentice aka DIILI 2023.

Learn more what drives him to excel in Life and his views on the future of hotel leadership.

Why bother with Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality. Ep.1. TSHS-033

Why bother with Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality.
Discussing in this three part series with Juho Pesonen, Tourism Marketing and Management Master’s Degree Programme Director; Adjunct Professor, Head of eTourism Research, University of Eastern Finland.

The future of hospitality – What you need to know for 2021. TSHS-0030

Thrilled to speak with Willem van Bolderen, Architect and on of the founders of Studio Puisto Architects, about their the latest developments in hospitality architecture, called Space of Mind. We also discuss the benefit of wood as a building material to create sustainability sound buildings.
He also described the modern approach in using technology new way of standardising, to standardise to customise with the aid of computer aided technology.
Blend of unique architecture with the aid of artificial intelligence.