Kristoff D’Oria di Cirie: Designing for next-generation luxury customers. TSHS -0062

Designing for next-generation luxury customers.

In this fascinating episode, we explore the changing landscape of luxury experiences with my guest Kristoff d’Oria di Cirie, Experiential Creative director and co-founder of Insogni Studio. Kristoff shares his insights on how the next generation of luxury customers value experiences over material possessions, and how brands can create meaningful and memorable experiences for their customers. Kristoff further explores the concept of sleep in hotel rooms and the lack of attention given to providing the best sleeping environment for guests. From lighting design to calming music and customizable pillow menus, he discusses how Asia has been ahead in this regard. He also emphasizes the importance of sleep for productivity and the need for further exploration in this area.

Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne. TSHS-056

Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne

We are reflecting with my guest Marc Dardenne on our decades-long careers and sharing insights learned along the way. Starting as management trainees Marc with Hilton and me with Hyatt, we gained experience across multiple countries and cultures. Early challenges included adapting to new places, understanding cultural norms, and taking the initiative to learn. 


Key lessons covered are being curious and proactive, embracing humility, respecting local cultures, and cultivating a passion for hospitality. We emphasize the need for self-learning, adjustment, and developing skills over time.


Discussion topics also include changes in the industry, attracting young talent, and offering better career paths. Flexibility, work-life balance, training, and shaping hotel culture are noted as ways to engage the new generation. 


Overall, this candid discussion between seasoned hotel professionals provides an intriguing look at their global journeys and the evolution of the hospitality business. The humor and stories offer both wisdom and entertainment.


The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo. TSHS-049

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo, Hotel General Manager, Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Helsinki
Interesting discussion with Aki Keskitalo, besides his passion for hospitality, and empowering his colleagues, he is known to get out of his comfort zone.
He is the contestant in the Finnish version of The Apprentice aka DIILI 2023.

Learn more what drives him to excel in Life and his views on the future of hotel leadership.

What is the evolution of Finnish Sauna? TSHS – 047

Discussing with Yana Kaiser, Architect and passionate sauna aficionado. She moved to Finland recently and joined the Studio Puisto Architects.
While writing her thesis for the Masters Degree, and sitting long hours in front of computer she developed back pains and was also mentally stressed out. She found the sauna health benefits from sauna, both physically as a relaxant but also mentally.
As an architect she appreciates Nordic form and describes how she sees the evolution of sauna design and best saunas.
Yana got interested in the German ¨Aufguss¨ sauna experience, and is a certified Aufguss Master. She describes the entertainment factor which has made Aufguss popular in Central Europe.
We will conclude this episode by sharing 10 tips how to enjoy the ultimate sauna experience.