Stand Out in a Crowded Market – Hotel Branding Strategies. TSHS-055

Stand Out in a Crowded Market – Hotel Branding Strategies

Join me with my guest hospitality expert Marc Dardenne as he shares insider tips and anecdotes from career-launching iconic hotel brands, like Armani Hotels, The Address, and Patina Hotels. – Learn Marc’s perspective on what makes a successful brand, from identifying your market niche to crafting memorable experiences.

– Discover the intricacies of brand creation – from selecting the perfect name to instilling a vibrant culture that brings your brand identity to life.

– Gain invaluable insights on brand storytelling, designing for your target demographic, flagship properties, maintaining integrity as you expand, and avoiding common pitfalls. – Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand or strengthen an existing one, Marc imparts his wisdom on standing out in a crowded hospitality marketplace and connecting with guests through authenticity.