How will Bethlehem Reborn project revitalise Faith Tourism to Bethlehem. TSHS-0029

I spoke with Hani Abu Dayeeh, President NETOURS, and Chairman of the Board, Bethlehem University Tourism Institute.

He was reflecting on the challenges facing tourism in Betlehem Post Covid, and how it has affected people in the Palestine region.

He also spoke about
РPlans for Project Betlehem Reborn 2021 starting with the First Advent and of course about Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem that went through unprecedented renovations that lasted almost ten years. The Basilica has been restored to its original beauty. A symbol of humanity has been given back to the faithful all over the world and to today’s pilgrims who follow in the footsteps of the women and men who over the centuries have venerated the birthplace of Jesus.