The Art of Shaping Ideas and Brands – discussion with Mike Munt, Creative Director Apogii. TSHS- 0066

 The Art of Shaping Ideas and Brands – Mike Munt, Creative Director Apogii

Listen in as brand and design expert, Mike Munt, shares invaluable insights about his personal experiences and techniques to successfully shape the ideas and brands in this engaging podcast. He beautifully likens brands to books, emphasizing the delicate dance of visual design and written narrative to truly capture an audience’s imagination.

From discussing the elements of a cohesive visual language, like shape, color, and imagery, to the importance of written communication to express a brand’s unique voice and values, Mont guides us through the nuances of storytelling and brand building. He also talks about being passionate about the experiences that brands offer, and how you can enrich these experiences by deeply understanding your customers and tailoring it to their needs—just like creating a personalized ‘tour’.

Moving forward, he shares his views on an evolving trend in the travel industry, highlighting the rising expectations of the guests, and their increasing preference for destination experiences, rather than simply picking a location or a hotel. Tune in for a unique take on branding, guest profiling, and the future of travel!

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