Robin Woodhead: From Childhood Travels to Antarctic Trailblazer. TSHS – 0061

Join host Sam Erik as he speaks with Robyn Woodhead, who turned childhood travel adventures into a career pioneering luxury polar expeditions. Robin shares how her parents fostered her insatiable curiosity through globe-trotting from a young age. 

Hear how a failed Antarctic expedition in her 20s spent stuck in a tent led Robyn to establish  with her husband the world’s first luxury camp in Antarctica’s interior. She reflects on the hard-won lessons from that formative experience which shaped her calling to share the transformative power of Antarctica’s extremes.

Learn how Robyn  built a company enabling scientific projects and founded on sustainable principles out of a naïve start buying seats on a cargo plane. She explains the extraordinary logistics and meticulous planning required to deliver gourmet meals and renewable comforts to one of the planet’s most remote wildernesses.

Robyn  also discusses the profound emotional shifts Antarctica fosters in adventurous spirits, from entrepreneurs to astronauts. Join us for an inspiring look at one explorer’s journey to ethically share the awe-inspiring beauty of the South Pole.