What is the AI’s Role in Modern Hospitality – Discussion with Tamina Wuerth, Founder Aivolution. TSHS-057

We are discussing with AI trailblazer Tamina Wuerth, CEO and founder of Aivolution how artificial intelligence enables next-level guest personalization. Tamina shares how AI systems capture guest preferences to curate personalized stays across properties.

We are discussing the challenges of balancing guest data collection with privacy. Tamina explains how AI can store guest details and empower staff with personalized recommendations for repeat visitors. This enables the delivery of consistent, tailored service that guests love.

Centralized guest profiles and AI systems create effortless, meaningful personalization for modern travelers. Tamina provides tips for hotels to leverage AI, avoid sounding robotic, and focus messaging on seamless guest experiences.

Overall, we explore in this episode, how AI delivers personalization at scale – understanding guests to provide customized, memorable stays. Tamina gives insider perspectives on AI creating the kind of individualized experiences travelers increasingly expect.

Is there a real potential for generative AI in the Hotel industry?

Is there a real potential for generative AI in the Hotel industry?
Discussing with Jaynath N Kolla, Head of Strategy for a Big Tech Firm, Building the new Internet of Health. Jayanth insight on emerging tech is invaluable and will surely leave you inspired. He is sharing his views about the Technologists, what happened to their Rock Star status, and the latest trends with Generative AI shaping the future of the hotel industry, with some practical tips.

How Tourism Companies can Leverage with AI. TSHS – 0038

The use of robotics in tourism, travel, and hospitality is a controversial topic.
Whenever we talk about robotics we do it with a certain degree of superstition and superficiality,
Technology is never the end, but a means to improve internal processes, build branding, guest loyalty and increase profits.
We will discuss with Lasse Rouhiainen, International Keynote Speaker and Best Seller Author on Artificial Intelligence what the future looks like when it comes to AI and the advantages and opportunities for tourism companies to use ¨human-enhancing¨technologies.

Why AI and digital transformation will impact the future of hotels. TSHS_002

Why AI and digital transformation will impact the future of hotels

What are the implications of digital transformation, technology, and artificial intelligence for hotels? The impact of big data and business analytics with technologies such as artificial intelligence have profound implications for hotel companies, individuals, and society. . On this episode, Sam-Erik Ruttmann and Lasse Rouhiainen explore these complicated and important issues.

Lasse Rouhiainen is a best-selling author and international expert on artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies and digital marketing.

Finnish in origin but based in Spain, Lasse focuses his work on investigating how companies and society in general can better adapt to, and benefit from, artificial intelligence.

Lasse has given keynote presentations, seminars and workshops in more than 16 countries around the world and holds frequent conferences at several universities internationally. He has also provided training to thousands of students and businesses through online e-learning courses.

Lasse has written several books that have been published on Amazon in both English and Spanish. His latest work on artificial intelligence, called Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future, which is currently being translated into several other languages, was selected by Book Authority as one of the best AI books of all time