Critical Questions in Hospitality explored with Celine Vadam. TSHS – 050

Critical Questions in Hospitality.
My guest in this episode is Celine Vadam, Co-founder of Hospitality of the Future Think Tank contributed with the team from the Hospitality of the Future Think Tank to Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand’s book¨Critical Questions in Sustainability and Hospitality.¨

We will discuss with Celine Vadam how to make better choices and prioritize a more holistic commitment to protecting the planet.

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo. TSHS-049

The future hotel leadership – discussion with Aki Keskitalo, Hotel General Manager, Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Helsinki
Interesting discussion with Aki Keskitalo, besides his passion for hospitality, and empowering his colleagues, he is known to get out of his comfort zone.
He is the contestant in the Finnish version of The Apprentice aka DIILI 2023.

Learn more what drives him to excel in Life and his views on the future of hotel leadership.

Michael Haddad: From Paralysed to World Record Breaker. TSHS – 048

Michael Haddad: From Paralysed to World Record Breaker
Discussion with endurance athlete Michael Haddad about his Awake Walk Svalbard
Michael Haddad is a UNDP Arab States Goodwill Ambassador for Climate Action, an endurance athlete holding four record-breaking athletic feats, who overcame his disability and believes nothing is impossible.

In April 2023 he will be mustering all his willpower to perform a 100km Arctic walk to address the climate emergency, and to bring attention to the melting Arctic ice, which provides important evidence of the urgent need for concerted and scaled-up climate action.
*   As far as we know no one has accomplished and Michael is a rare case. He has no control over his lower body.  He is the source of discoveries that will benefit medical, science, engineering, and technology fields in discovering massive potentials and major capabilities in the service of humanity.
* Endurance athlete able to walk and balance himself using his shoulders and hands, and achieve records as an endurance athlete.

What is the evolution of Finnish Sauna? TSHS – 047

Discussing with Yana Kaiser, Architect and passionate sauna aficionado. She moved to Finland recently and joined the Studio Puisto Architects.
While writing her thesis for the Masters Degree, and sitting long hours in front of computer she developed back pains and was also mentally stressed out. She found the sauna health benefits from sauna, both physically as a relaxant but also mentally.
As an architect she appreciates Nordic form and describes how she sees the evolution of sauna design and best saunas.
Yana got interested in the German ¨Aufguss¨ sauna experience, and is a certified Aufguss Master. She describes the entertainment factor which has made Aufguss popular in Central Europe.
We will conclude this episode by sharing 10 tips how to enjoy the ultimate sauna experience.

The Hotel of Tomorrow Project – with Ron Swidler, CIO, Gettys Group,TSHS -046

With passion for pioneering ideas and new approaches to hospitality experiences my guest Ron Swidler created the Hotel of Tomorrow Project an industry leading-leading think tank. I will discuss with Ron about his journey that has lead him to bring together hundreds of companies to envision the future of hospitality, which has resulted in innovation that can be found in hotels and restaurants throughout the world.
The concepts we cover in this episode is Robotic Reset, which is a reformable guest room that integrates automated, retractable and revealable furnishings and amenities as well as robot-delivered and removed elements to suit changing guest needs
We also covered a Sense & Satisfy Suite which is the ultimate hospitality personalization.

How to improve your Children wellness, health and mental well-being and Exercise with Avatar. TSHS-045

Creating a Wellness Ritual Around Cartoons and video games for Children improves their mental wellbeing with help of professional teachers.
Cartoons and video games are a great way to get your children interested in wellness and exercise. The best way to do this is to create an exercise ritual around cartoons and video games. Discussing with Kushal Raju founder of Exar Fit of the development first of its kind 3D group physical activities built for children

A look inside wellness with my guest Hylton Lipkin, World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Vietnam. TSHS-0041

My guest Hylton Lipkin, is the General Manager of ALBA Wellness Valley by Fusion, Vietnam. He is an industry veteran in the Spa and Wellness , and the World Wellness Weekend Ambassador, Vietnam.
We will hear about wellness trends and operating wellness facilities during COVID pandemic. We will discuss how the client’s needs and asks have changed. Also, what can individuals do to stay well particularly in these strenuous times?

How to create memorable experiences that matter and connect with restaurant customers. TSHS – 0039

Restaurant owners have been forced to quickly come up with new adaptations on menus, points of service, hours, delivery, and takeout models that better serve their local communities just to keep the lights on.

The new definition of dining has been for a while, STAYING HOME – Place an order for a meal with your restaurant- Have your food delivered home.
Is this here to stay, and what do restaurants need to do, to stay relevant?
Discussing with my guest Zana Usher, CEO & Founder ZD Hospitality about creating memorable moments, and make the restaurant guests feel special. It is just the first stage of a successful customer experience. … Today it is NOT enough to meet customer expectations since you are competing with millions of experiences, plus your customers are really smart and empowered. You must exceed customer expectations and create a memorable experience.

How Tourism Companies can Leverage with AI. TSHS – 0038

The use of robotics in tourism, travel, and hospitality is a controversial topic.
Whenever we talk about robotics we do it with a certain degree of superstition and superficiality,
Technology is never the end, but a means to improve internal processes, build branding, guest loyalty and increase profits.
We will discuss with Lasse Rouhiainen, International Keynote Speaker and Best Seller Author on Artificial Intelligence what the future looks like when it comes to AI and the advantages and opportunities for tourism companies to use ¨human-enhancing¨technologies.

Why bother with Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality. Ep.1. TSHS-033

Why bother with Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality.
Discussing in this three part series with Juho Pesonen, Tourism Marketing and Management Master’s Degree Programme Director; Adjunct Professor, Head of eTourism Research, University of Eastern Finland.